- Disbelief was formed in 1990 by singer Karsten“Jagger“Jäger
- In the following years the band recorded several demo-tapes (Promotion – tapes
Unbound - demo'93 and Choice – demo*95)
- 1997 Disbelief released their first self - titled CD
To promote the album Disbelief stays the first time on tour together with Six Feet Under
- 1998 INFECTED the second album comes out.
Shows on the legendary Dynamo – Open Air and Wacken, a four – dates tour together
with Hypocrisy and Benediction and a tour with the mighty Bolt Thrower, Crowbar
and Totenmond gave Disbelief the chance to get more popular
- 2001 Disbelief's WORST EEMY enters the world. With this album the band manifesting
their own, individual sound
- 2002 SHINE the fourth - CD was released
Again Disbelief toured together with Bolt Thrower, Benediction and beeing part on the
legendary No Mercy – Festivals (Immortal, Hypocrisy, Vader)
- 2003 Disbelief released SPREADING THE RAGE
Very good print - media reviews and results pushes the album to be very successful
First video – clip for the song “To the Sky“
To promote the CD the band tours together with Death Angel at their reunion – tour
- 2005 66 SICK! comes out!
Video – clips from the songs “Rewind it all“, “Sick“ and shows with Slayer,
Anthrax and another No Mercy – tour ( with Six Feet Under) pushing the album to the most
successful CD
Video – clip for the title - song “Navigator“
Video – clip for the song “A place to hide“
- 2010 HEAL!