It might be called: Everything‘s new but at the same time back to the roots. EKTOMORF are returning to their roots and experience a rebirth under the sign of thrash metal after 26 years of existence. With their new full length “Reborn”, the first album on Napalm Records, the Hungarian quartet catapults the genre into the modern era and frees itself from any pigeonholes.
Since their debut, Hangok (1994), the powerhouse around singer/guitarist Zoli Farkas has been delivering new grit at regular intervals. Only two years after the chart success of their Album Fury, the new full length “Reborn” ignites a blazing fire that wipes out all genre limitations and brings EKTOMORF their highest chart position in the band's history.
The 15th studio album respires the spirit of the Big Four, Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax and Megadeth, whilst marking the beginning of a completely independent, new chapter of EKTOMORF. With "Reborn", EKTOMORF confidently start into a new era and sweep away everybody who even comes near this thrash metal bombshell! Zoli states: "This album was made during some very dark times in my life. If you listen to it, it will come through with all the crushing and heavy riffs: melancholic, beautiful melodies and honest, straight in your face lyrics. “Reborn“ is the album I've been working on the longest in my career. There are a lot of new things in the songs that EKTOMORF never had done before, mixed with the roots of the band's sound. I'm very proud of it. I hope it gives you the same power it gives me."
Only three years after the release of their chart-breaking full-length, Fury (2018), Reborn ignites a blazing fire with its heavy sound and harsh lyrics that will burn any genre limitations to the ground.